Faisal Sajwani is a visionary Emirati who has a strong passion for helping people reach their full potential and achieve their goals in life.

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Faisal Sajwani is a motivational speaker & coach who strongly believes in the power of the mind and its ability to create life-changing transformations. In 2012, he took a deep interest in human psychology. His journey started by asking two basic questions: “why do individuals think in a certain way and not the other?” and “why do human beings behave the way they do?”. Throughout the years, he learned and understood more about the human mind, which prompted him to develop theories and provide remarkable insights on the matter. After acquiring such knowledge, Faisal took an initiative to share it with the whole world in order to help people better understand themselves and the world around them.

  • Life Coaching
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Success Coaching
  • Entrepreneurship Coaching
  • Public Speaking Training

Why Faisal?

Find out more about Faisal Sajwani & his services

Identify Your True Potential

To Attend A Program Led By Faisal Isn’t To Sit In A Lecture Hall, But Rather To Enter Into A Conversation That Prompts You To Answer The Question, How Can I Identify My Strengths And Harness Their Power To Achieve My Version Of Success?

Broaden Your Horizon, Reach Your Full Potential

Whether Your Goal Is To Re-Invigorate Your Business, Empower Your Employees Or Unlock Your Potential, Faisal Can Give You The Tools You Need To Make Your Goals A Reality.

Monica Rajan

Faisal Sajwani’s exceptional motivational speech moved me and gave me strength. It positively inspired me to keep my head up and keep moving forward.

Steve L.

Faisal was very inspirational. He brought invaluable insight to the table and he did an incredible job of inspiring and motivating everyone to look past the obstacles you have in your life.

Roger Fernandez

What an outstanding motivational speech! In one brief session, many in the group became more positive, driven and enthusiastic. I strongly recommend his programs to anyone seeking to reach their full potential!

Leena Jackson

Faisal’s program is absolutely unique. His vision & insights absolutely set him apart. He is a true motivator and his message has had a strong & concrete impact on the group.


Find out more about Faisal Sajwani & his services