Public Speaking and its Importance

Standing up in front of an entire crowd, addressing them or giving a speech might not only be challenging but can also trigger anxiety and fear. However, the benefits of learning public speaking outweigh that fear and can be dealt with in a methodical way. 

What is Public Speaking?

It’s basically a presentation or speech that’s given live before an audience. The purpose of the speech is several fold; it could be to educate, address an issue, or influence the listeners. Quite often, showcase of visual aids are advised in order to make the content more interesting and engaging for the listeners.

Public speaking is essential because it invariably helps you to improve and enhance your knowledge. How is that you ask? Whilst  preparing material for your speech, a lot of homework and research goes in which effectively makes you understand your content much better. That being said, taking up public speaking courses is considered to be a wise decision as it helps enhance the quality of your life in many ways. Some advantages are listed below:

  1. Increases your knowledge 
  2. Leads to career and business growth 
  3. Better research skills 
  4. Boosts self-confidence 
  5. Builds critical thinking skills
  6. Improve and develop your vocabulary
  7. Most effective way to communicate messages across 
  8. Developing leadership skills

Having said that, public speaking is a powerful way to build communication skills, advocate for causes, overcome fear and broaden your professional network. Hence,  overcoming the fear and insecurities that come along is not only empowering but liberating. 

As a matter of fact, public speaking is a brilliant way to bring people together to address a common cause along with motivating and encouraging them to take action. 

In conclusion, working on your public speaking skills can yield a number of benefits for you. It is the most efficient form of communication. It’s a skill that is undoubtedly worth learning. Moreover, it could also be the deciding factor in various aspects such as building your career or contributing to your personal and leadership development.

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- Written by Faisal Sajwani