How To Overcome Obstacles That Are Holding You From Achieving Your Goals

We all need a certain drive in life to keep us going. The feeling of having a purpose is what both empowers and liberates us. Setting goals is the first step. Achieving them is the second step. And it’s at this second step that most of us lose balance. It’s only human to feel overwhelmed along the way and find excuses to give up when we are faced with tense and challenging situations. But, is it possible to overlook those feelings and still have the drive to move forward no matter what comes in the way? Why of course yes! 

Tackling and dealing with obstacles is part and parcel of life and one shouldn’t let it blur their vision of the bigger picture. If we keep dwelling upon the negative aspects of achieving the goal, we can never progress or become who we always wanted to be and that is a more regretful feeling one might encounter. If dealing with hurdles is your biggest weakness and you always get stuck whilst at it, it’s best advised to get in touch with a personal life coach who can help you in every step of your journey to reaching your biggest dreams. Here are some steps on how to achieve that:

1) Gain Perspective:

It’s inevitable to feel overwhelmed when an obstacle presents itself but gaining perspective does not mean not acknowledging the obstacle in sight. It means viewing it from a different point of view whilst considering other options.

2 ) Don’t Give Up:

While it’s easy to say this and difficult to implement, it’s not impossible. Giving up is always the easier way out but in the long term, the easier way will never be beneficial for us. You need to train your mind to have a stronger resistance to negativity and setbacks so that even when you are faced with the toughest challenge or hurdle; it doesn’t deviate your mind and focus from the ultimate goal.

3) Don’t Make Comparisons:

Comparisons will never help you at any point of your journey, it’ll just make things worse for you. Not only will it lead to self-doubt and skepticism but you’ll start losing faith in your abilities and strength as you are constantly comparing your route to success with others. This does no good. This is your journey and exclusive to you – your battle is with yourself and nobody else because ultimately you have to become the person you always dreamt of. Moreover, obstacles will always get in the way – be it personal or social, etc. It’s our duty to stay focused and optimistic. Nothing comes easy in life. Surely, with great hard work combined with patience and faith only can you achieve to reach your goals and be victorious. Never give up. Never lose faith. Nothing is impossible to achieve in life. Having said that, if you still find it challenging to deal with tense situations then it’s wise to hire a personal life coach who can mentor you and guide you along the way in your path to success.

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- Written by Faisal Sajwani