How do adversities make you strong?

Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. Facing challenges is a part and parcel of life. And only by facing them head on can you train your mind to be prepared for it in the future. While adversity is a struggle, it is also a triumph. It pulls you down, yet also helps you grow. Furthermore, facing any sort of challenge is a true test of strength; when you encounter adversity, you  learn vital life lessons. Hence, thriving at any given challenging situation for the sole reason to achieve a goal is not only fulfilling and liberating, but educational and empowering.

Adversity plays a key role in growth and greatness. Simply put, no adversity means no growth. Instead of avoiding it, we need to embrace it. Hence, overcoming adversity invariably helps in building character. It contributes to molding us into who we are and who we will become. 

Adversity and personal growth is linked. It is something that we’re sure to encounter every now and then; and there’s no getting around that. We’re all guaranteed to face various challenges, setbacks. We shouldn’t pretend this will never happen because what’s highly imperative is how we perceive these situations and what is our attitude towards it. If one finds it difficult to build that attitude around any tough situation, it’s best advised to approach a personal life coach who can help you train your mind to perceive things with a more positive outlook. 
In conclusion, it’s less intimidating when you alter your attitude and begin to look at adversity with a fresh mind as a means to growth and not as a threat to your well-being. Also, it’s quite amazing how much you can grow and build yourself under this positive mindset. That being said, it’s only human to feel insecure and doubtful when we are put in a difficult and uncomfortable position. However, once we start embracing challenging situations and adversities, we can then move forward in life. If we try to see it with a positive mindset; adversity is actually powerful – it has the ability to shape our character, and help us be prepared to face anything in the future with a more calm and collected mind. As such, a personal life coach is a skilled professional who can help reform your mind in such a way that you won’t get disheartened when facing failure and adversity but instead you’ll thrive in such situations, constantly learn and grow.

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- Written by Faisal Sajwani