Fear can make you or break you

Fear is nothing more than a state of mind. It can either be the ultimate drive to the greater good or may pull you down. Thus, it all boils down to how you perceive it. Fear is a byproduct of challenges and adversities. It’s an inevitable feeling of discomfort and distress when you step out of the safe zone and take up a new task or a new route. It’s the sense of possible failure or setback that comes attached with fear which invariably keeps you from trying new things or moving forward.  

How can we overcome it? Face your fears – while this might be the most famous notion; it’s easier said than done. Pulling yourself out of your comfort zone and confronting your fear is just the first step to many other challenges that may come along the way but without a doubt it leads to a fruitful outcome. Each time you come face to face with your biggest fear, you need to train your mind to think that it’s just another opportunity for you to become mentally stronger and tougher. Rather than submitting to your fear, it’s best to face it head on. In fact, there is no feeling as empowering as experiencing the thrill of victory when you prevail over fear. Having said that, one might find it difficult to take on fear that comes with facing tough challenges. This when a personal life coach comes into play. A skilled life coach can help you see past your limitations and realise your true potential. 

Moreover, challenges are life’s way of teaching us. You are in a constant state of learning and growing. Negative self-talk and fear can instantly take over and leave us feeling paralyzed from moving forward in life. It can be the sole reason why we give up on our dreams because the mere fear of failure might hold us down. At the time of such distress, it’s quite easy to sidestep just how capable we are and lose confidence. 
All of your dreams are on the other side of fear. Rather than seeing fear as a threat and giving it the upper hand to run our lives; we need to reform our mindset about how we look at it. We can either succumb to it or use it as a thrust to work harder and become stronger. If one finds it a struggle to deal with fear, it’s best advised to approach a skilled personal life coach to help you see the positives rather than feeling disheartened and demotivated when faced with challenges.

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- Written by Faisal Sajwani