How to Cope When Your Goals Cause Anxiety

Anxiety can be very crippling. It can interfere in our day to day lives and keep us from accomplishing any given task. Stress, deadlines etc can all lead to sudden panic attacks or anxiety. As such, an individual needs to exercise his/her mind to look at the situation rationally and train their mind to not spiral down. 

Moreover, setting a goal for yourself can be a very empowering feeling but as you gradually move and work towards your goal, you start to feel overwhelmed. That feeling can be unfortunately unaccompanied with anxiety. Whilst feeling this way is human, how you handle the unsettling response is quite vital and important. That being said, the human mind is a very powerful force. It can influence what you do and the decisions you make in your day to day life. Once you start to understand how to manage your thoughts, it’ll be so much easier for you to deal with situations where you feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself. However, if you still fail to manage and tame your thoughts, then it’s best advised to get help from a skilled personal life coach who will mentor you and help train your mind in such a way that no adversity of any kind will affect your self-drive and passion to get to your goal.  

Furthermore, sometimes we are held back by our own negative beliefs and overpowering fears. Our anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.  Yes, it’s quite challenging to control your thoughts but not impossible. The journey to success is usually filled with disappointments, obstacles and setbacks along the way. When such uncertain circumstances present themselves, the wise thing to do is be patient with yourself and allow yourself time to feel upset. Once you train your mind well, you’ll be able to plow forward and do difficult tasks instead of giving up. 

In addition, there might be days when you doubt yourself and feel unsure about whether you’ll ever achieve your goal. Don’t worry, start by setting small, achievable goals so you don’t feel too overwhelmed and anxious altogether as you want to step out of your comfort zone but you also want to be careful not to overwhelm yourself.
Finally, while there may be setbacks you face in your journey to achieve your dreams, make sure you celebrate every little victory along the way. This will help you stay encouraged and motivated. If you still find it difficult to deal with self-doubt, it’s best advised to approach a skilled personal life coach who can help you in every step of your journey to successfully achieve your dreams.

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- Written by Faisal Sajwani